Judgment Enforcement

Q: Will the court help me collect my judgment?

A: After the court system makes its determination that the judgment debtor owes you money, its active role in the debt collection process is over. You are completely on your own in trying to collect the judgment award. In fact, the court is not even allowed to advise you on how to go about collecting your judgment. Most judgment creditors “ask” the debtor to pay their judgment and simply give up when they refuse to do so. This is why nearly 80% of all judgments go uncollected.

Q: Can I use a collection agency or judgment enforcement company to collect my judgment?
A:Yes; however, most standard collection agencies do not have the specialized knowledge required to collect your judgment. Most collection companies will simply send the judgment debtor a series of letters demanding payments. In most circumstances, this will only serve to put the judgment debtor on notice that they are being pursued in relation to the judgment. On the contrary, in most cases a judgment debtor first learns that they are being pursued by the Law Offices of Paul P. Young when we levy on their bank accounts, garnish their wages, or seize their car, boat, etc. or other assets.

Moreover, most judgment collection companies are not operated by attorneys, thus they are not permitted to represent you in court. You must assign your judgment over to them so that they can collect the judgment in their own name. Although there are professional judgment enforcement companies that do an excellent job in collecting civil judgments; many others are operated by people who have purchased a course on  the internet, and started collecting judgments shortly thereafter. They have no legal training or experience in the field. This type of representation can severely compromise your ability to ever get paid on your judgment. The Law Offices of Paul P. Young can represent your interests in court; thus, you will not be required to assign your judgment to us. In addition, you can be assured that we have the legal knowledge and experience required to aggressively pursue enforcement of your judgment.

Lastly, a judgment creditor can save a substantial amount of money by hiring an experienced judgment enforcement law firm, rather than a collection/judgment enforcement company, to collect their judgment. This is especially true when the judgment is of a large amount, the debtor has visible assets, and the debtor is not likely to flee when the judgment is awarded.

Q: How do you charge for your services?
A:  We have several options. We accept judgment enforcement cases on a contingency basis with costs advanced by the client, or on an hourly rate/retainer agreement. In some circumstances, we will accept a judgment enforcement case on a straight contingency basis. with the costs advanced by our firm. Call our offices at 1-866-944-9374 for a no charge phone consultation.

Q: Do you give any guarantees that you will be able to collect?
A: No. You should be wary of anyone who will give you guarantees! No attorney can guarantee how a particular court will decide an issue, or that he can collect from a business or person who has no assets, or who successfully discharged your debt in bankruptcy. We do guarantee that your case will be handled professionally, aggressively and with the goal of getting you paid quickly at the lowest possible cost. In addition, our contingency agreement clients are always guaranteed that they will not be responsible for any collection fees in the unlikely event that we are unable to collect money from the debtor.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Call us today at 626-432-5434 or 1-866-944-9374 for a free phone consultation. You may also fax a case submission form to 626-744-3167, or by simply filling out our online submission form. You will be contacted promptly by our offices.