Judgment Enforcement


The Law Offices of Paul Young will handle the entire judgment enforcement process for you – saving you money and getting you paid faster!

Most creditors just like you lack the specialized knowledge, training and experience required to successfully navigate the legal system to a successful conclusion. Winning a civil judgment can entail:

  • locating a “missing” debtor or hidden assets

  • filling out numerous and complicated legal forms

  • conducting examination hearings in court

  • writing of detailed legal motions

  • challenging the judgment debtor in various court actions

The Law Offices of Paul Young has the knowledge, experience and perseverance to win your civil judgment and actually collect your payment.

Most law firms believe they are finished once they win your civil case. They simply leave it to you to collect the money you are owed from the judgment debtor.

The court that awarded your judgment will not actively help you take these actions! The need for these follow up collection actions are certainly a big part of why approximately 80% of all civil judgments never get collected. You have spent a great deal of time, money and stress to win your judgment,but it is not worth a dime unless you collect. The Law Offices of Paul Young has the expert knowledge and experience required to successfully carry out the entire judgment enforcement process.Our staff efficiently performs all of the following judgment enforcement services in-house, so you can get paid faster and save money:

  • Skip Tracing aka locating the “missing” debtor

  • Asset Investigations

  • Debtor Examinations

  • Complicated Debtor Schemes: Piercing Corporations & Fraudulent Transfers

  • Adversarial Hearings

  • Representation of Judgment Creditor in Debtor Bankruptcy Actions

  • Law and Motion Practice

  • Asset Seizure & Liquidation-Including levies, garnishments, assignment orders; sheriff till-taps and keepers and turn-over orders

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