Collection Litigation

It is an unfortunate fact that some debtors will not pay their bills no matter how many phone calls or letters they receive, or despite the fact that they are put on notice that legal action will commence if they do not pay their debt. When this happens, the only remaining option is to file a collection suit against the debtor.

Sometimes there is no other way to collect your past-due debt except to bring a collection suit.

The Law Offices of Paul P. Young understands the entire collection litigation process, takes the appropriate steps to accomplish your client goals, and reduces legal costs at the same time. We have the knowledge and experience to take your action through the entire litigation process, and prevail. The Law Offices of Paul P. Young are experts in commencing litigation; fast tracking (expediting) certain actions; seeking pre-judgment remedies, and using cost-effective pretrial motions in an attempt to prevail without the need for a trial. In addition, we know how to use the discovery process to gather the necessary information for trial, or to promote a pre-trial settlement that is favorable to our clients. If your case does go to trial, you can trust that your case will be well prepared and presented to gain the best possible outcome and available legal remedies under the law.

The Law Offices of Paul P. Young has the knowledge and experience you need on your side to successfully prevail in all types of collection actions. In addition to being a member of the California State Bar Association, Mr. Young is also a member of the California Association of Judgment Professionals (CAJP), California Creditors Bar Association (CCBA), Los Angeles County Bar Association-Remedies Section, and the National Association of Retail Creditors Association (NARCA). This means Paul P. Young and his entire staff dedicate themselves to remaining current in the latest developments in collection law and applicable procedure changes. Understanding updates in the law and collection procedures can be the difference in successfully collecting your past due debt!

The Law Offices of Paul Young also represents creditors, in Bankruptcy Court.

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Please see our Collection Litigation -Frequently Asked Questions