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Asset Investigations

Asset Investigations

Asset investigation results can be utilized for a variety of reasons, including defaulted debt and fraud situations to divorce and child support obligations.

Determine Assets Before a Lawsuit is Filed
The first step in the asset investigation process is to determine if there are any assets to pursue. The Law Offices of Paul Young firm can look into a person or business to see if they have assets BEFORE a lawsuit. Why would you sue someone if they are destitute and "judgment proof" before the lawsuit even starts?

Our asset investigators conduct an extensive search for bank accounts, stocks, bonds, business partnerships, safety deposit boxes, real estate, automobiles, aircraft, boats, employment income, retirement funds, royalties, accounts receivable and intellectual property including patents and trademarks. In addition to the debtor, we also examine assets of spouses and family members for possible transfers, and corporations associated with the subject.

Identify Any Hidden Assets
One method commonly used by debtors to conceal their assets is to transfer their real and personal property into the name of other individuals, family members, or associated companies.

To successfully trace money and property, the Paul Young asset investigator must know how to uncover hidden assets, how to identify ownership interests often camouflaged by changes in the structure and nature of the ownership, and how to accurately untangle skillfully disguised control over, and interest in, property.

Benefits of a Thorough Asset Investigation
The most significant benefits of conducting a thorough Asset Investigation include:

  • Determining whether to file a lawsuit

  • Identifying Assets (both visible and hidden)

  • Earmarking non-exempt assets that can be seized to satisfy your judgment after suit

  • Establishing admissible evidence suitable for use in a later fraudulent transfer action

For Assistance with Asset Investigations call the Law Offices of Paul Young today at 626-744-1838.